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Titanium and Its Use In Bike Frames

This site was written for my physics coursework before I dropped the subject. It surprised me by flying up Googles search ratings (search physics coursework titanium, its second), but fortunately that doesn't matter now. The biggest change with this is that I added a drop-down menu, which i was quite proud of. Be warned, it doesn't like apple computers or software, they screw the positioning up big time

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I wrote this site at the start of the year when I first began my Computing AS course. Its the first full site I have hard coded myself, without the assistance of an IDE. We were given this:

The Brief
The Phoenix Circus School offers a National Certificate in Circus Arts. The course covers juggling, trapeze skills, clowning and various options including fire-eating. Each trainee follows an individual programme made up of modules.

The Principal of the School, Professor Juggle, would like:

  • a website to promote his business, including a Home Page with the school logo, address, phone number and background information about the school as well as a page showing details of the courses

and this is my production... i got full marks, what would you rate me?


Pheonix Logo - Click to go


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A site for… stuff

There will be web sites... there will be programs... there will be source code (because open source owns!!!). There will be songs, and guitar tabs, and god knows what else. This is my space, i am its god... fear me :)